Kitchen Future

Big Retro

As kitchens at home and in restaurants become increasingly digital and smarter, a great retro yearning is developing and old and almost forgotten cooking practices and recipes are experiencing a renaissance. Both residential and restaurant planners are developing entirely analog concepts and banishing “smartness” from kitchens and dining rooms.

Big Retro: Craft & Tradition Experience a Revival

As long as there is social change (spoiler: always!), there will be counter-trends and thus the human need for the (old) familiar and traditional. We can already observe the retro trend today: Restaurants are reviving traditional dishes and production methods, recipes “from the past”, i.e. real classics, are being hyped on the Internet, and industry is also advertising, for example. When selling kitchen appliances with the reference to the ideal preparation of grandma’s recipes with a modern twist. The more complex the world and the faster progress seems to be, the greater society’s longing for the retro, security and authenticity.

Photo: Unsplash