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Not everything needs to be redone if it worked really well before. What was used centuries ago to preserve food has now become a hipster hobby: Fermentation. What has been hinted at over the past few years is becoming more and more of a mainstream phenomenon. The trends around fermentation go far beyond the classic sauerkraut or pickled vegetables. More and more often, we hear about startups that bring kombucha, kefir and yogurt and corresponding cultures for fermentation at home to the market. The biggest driver behind the increasing demand on the part of consumers is the health megatrend and the underlying diseases of civilization such as obesity/overweight and digestive problems. In addition, there is the megatrend of individualization and the newly discovered desire for do-it-yourself and analog hobbies. The forecasts for the fast-growing market are therefore hardly surprising: according to Emergen Research, it is expected to grow by 6 percent annually from around $570 billion in 2019 to $880 billion in 2027.

Fermentation: the rediscovery of an ancient cultural technique


Photo: Unsplash