May 10, 2040

Sitting in front of my Sunday breakfast of mycoprotein pancakes with Ento granité, I couldn’t help but think of you past inhabitants. How differently you ate in 2021.

Bread made from wheat and spelt, topped with slices of fermented milk and the constant search for substitute products can sound absurd, and not just to me. If I were to tell my children at breakfast that taste, smell and emotion are in the food itself, they would just stare at me in disbelief with their big eyes. How could white balls and transparent liquids do such a thing?

But how limiting that would be, I think to myself. The bottle of oral food can taste like strawberries, milk, tomato soup or barbecue sauce. So everyone gets their favorite dish and our subscription delivers the bottles regularly to their doorstep. But this is only possible thanks to you. So, thank you MILK. for having the idea to generate these experiences almost 15 years ago… As a thank you, I’m sending you a video of our everyday breakfast, where you can decide what’s important to you in 2021.

Greetings from the future.

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