Little hunters & gatherers spotted in Niddapark

Chasing schnitzel and earning points in the process? With the Ark Kids we organized a scavenger hunt in the Niddapark in July.

Scavenger hunt in Niddapark
Good mood among the Ark crew

In pleasantly warm temperatures, two groups competed against each other in a scavenger hunt in Niddapark, and they made their way through many clues and tricky questions to become true scavenger hunt experts. The schnitzel was not only the classic eponym, but also the linchpin of the entire campaign.

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Why is the schnitzel actually called schnitzel? What is a “saltimbocca”, please? What does the typical Frankfurter Schnitzel look like? And what does breading actually consist of? What do capers have to do with Wiener schnitzel and what do they actually taste like? The kids bravely worked through these pounds and in the end – who wouldn’t guess – the successful hunt was celebrated with a fitting schnitzel dinner!

Chicken and celery cutlets were on the menu, as meatless alternatives were also introduced to the kids throughout the afternoon. The clear winner of the chicken-celery battle, however, was the fries! 😉

Scavenger hunt in Niddapark - chicken and celery schnitzel

At this point also a big thank you to Schuch’s( for the terrific hospitality. A certificate of carving expert commemorates the great afternoon we all spent together.

Scavenger hunt in Niddapark with certificate