Product vs Packaging

Food production is responsible for 26%* of global greenhouse gas production. What role does food packaging play in this?

Emissions of various foods – kg CO2-eqiv/per kg food

Infographic on food emissions
Greenhouse gas emissions of various foods and their composition – Source:

Food for Thought

Food packaging accounts for a small proportion of total emissions for most foods (exceptions prove the rule). Nevertheless, packaging is a factor!

We see ourselves as a partner of change for the food industry and have listed a few points on this page about our position on sustainability.

Our infographic underlines the importance of the product and its origin (from root to plate) as a lever for greater sustainability. This is precisely why we as an agency consult with our Innovation Lab early on in the development process. Our Future Food Trend Radar looks at more than “just” packaging. We take a look at food, kitchen and production trends in order to shape the future holistically.

Shaping the future holistically

The packaging must protect the valuable food, true to the only golden rule in structural packaging design: as much packaging as necessary and as little as possible. Apart from that, each individual case is a challenge in itself and therefore each of our projects is an individual consulting assignment. This diversity is what makes our job as an agency so varied. Click here for our Innovation Services.