Compostable Protective Shipping Air Cushions

Bio-Based Shipping Cushions

The air cushions crafted from Storopack’s AIRplus® Bio Home Compostable film are an environmentally conscious packaging choice. The bioplastic is both partially bio-based and compostable and incorporates a portion of renewable starch. These organic film air cushions are suited for safeguarding light to medium-weight products within boxes during transportation.

AIRplus® Bio Home Compostable cushions are certified for home composting, ensuring complete degradation into natural, non-toxic resources in both private and industrial composting systems. The film contributes to a reduction in plastic waste volume and requires one year to compost in suitable conditions. It is partly derived from renewable resources that contribute to the circular economy. Additionally, it is biomass-safe for plants and worms.

Storopack’s film has ClimatePartner certification for measuring and mitigating its carbon footprint while supporting climate projects.

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Manufacturer: Storopack
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH
Image source: Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH

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