Recyclable Packaging Tape

An Eco-Friendlier Shipping Tape Solution

Tear tape is an adhesive strip on packaging for easy opening, often made of non-recyclable plastic like polypropylene. This plastic strip poses recycling challenges when used on paper-based packaging, as it needs to be separated before recycling. To reduce the use of polymer-based tapes, tesa has developed a new tear tape solution that can be disposed of along with paperboard material, potentially reducing the environmental impact of shipping and packaging. The paper-based tear tape reduces plastic waste as well as provides the chance for the material to be recycled in the paper recycling process.

The tape is best used with automated systems or machinery.

Product Name: tesa® 51344
Manufacturer: tesa SE
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: tesa SE
Image Source: tesa SE