Reusable System For To-Go Food

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Every German produces 226.5 kilos of packaging waste every year. Inspired by this, Sven Witthöft and Tim Breker developed an idea to reduce packaging waste in 2019. The system provides take-away customers with a reusable, high-quality box that can be purchased from cooperating restaurants and returned after use. It is possible to use the system by registering in the VYTAL app or by purchasing a membership card. VYTAL is already present in Munich, Berlin, Freiburg and many other cities with the aim of establishing a national network. What is unique about the VYTAL system is that it is not a classic deposit system, which makes it attractive to companies, caterers and canteens.

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Product Name: VYTAL
Manufacturer: VYTAL Global GmbH
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: VYTAL Global GmbH
Image source: VYTAL Global GmbH