Kitchen Apps

Today, learning algorithms from apps already support us in the kitchen when cooking recipes tailored to our wishes, when stocking and storing, and when reordering new foods if necessary. Here, individualization is paired with networking and, increasingly, sustainability, because often, in addition to personal self-optimization through consideration of individual health goals, the reduction of food waste is also the reason behind the eating decision.

Kitchen Apps: Intelligent cooking, stocking and ordering

For example, after entering leftover food in the kitchen, the Plantjammer app spits out not only basic recipes, but also creative combinations and provides the shopping list for any additional ingredients that may be needed – incl. the recipe. Special offers for soon to expire food at the supermarket around the corner. The app Wellio even goes one step further and checks the entire pantry, so that missing ingredients can possibly be ordered directly via a delivery service. The preparation of the dishes is accompanied by useful tips and small videos. Chefling is also a digital kitchen assistant that manages food inventories and delivers personalized recipe suggestions.

Kitchen Apps: Intelligent cooking, stocking and ordering


Photo: Unsplash, Unsplash