Multisensory moments of pleasure

Soon, kitchens and restaurants could find their enlightenment via novel plates. The first illuminated plate for home and catering is called “soulplate” and not only makes our food shine beautifully, but also teaches us to be mindful of the precious food in front of us.

At this point, we are once again drawing attention to our own product development from our Innovation Lab at the agency. Basically, it’s about mindfulness and enjoyment – we have developed this product to the prototype for this purpose and presented it in our blog! Click here for the article.

So increasing appreciation for food & drink through its beauty is just a wonderful side effect of our product idea. The specific sensory perception of the dishes on our soulplate can be individually stimulated by different lighting moods. This can even create new taste images in our brain and increase enjoyment.

The enlightenment for your food – and your taste buds.

Our soulplate lets you experience food in a new way. By controlling the color of the light in the plate, you can not only beautifully illuminate your favorite foods, but also guide your taste perception. Which color enhances which flavor? Find out.


As a food packaging design agency, we are constantly on the lookout for concrete new insights, product ideas, packaging materials and outstanding design. Because we are also inventors at heart, we run a colorful kitchen full of inspiration and genuine own products with our labs. Because we do like to talk about food & design (e.g. in our Food Magazine). But we like to do it even better! Our greatest interest is the further exploration of synesthesia or multisensory in the food packaging design context. Nowhere do all the human senses come into play as surely as when unboxing and consuming food & drink.


Image source: M.I.L.K. GmbH