Look who’s talking: the interactive packaging.

The interactive packaging speaks to us.

Two developments will shape the packaging of tomorrow. On the one hand, research into materials that degrade themselves is in full swing. On the other hand, active and interactive packaging is increasingly being developed. These will contain sensors that measure the degree of freshness of food and, if necessary, use moisture absorbers, for example, to keep cookies crisp for longer. High-tech ensures that less food ends up in the bin. Packaging will also increasingly contain information and added value that can be accessed via smartphone.

The trend toward sustainability will continue to grow and become self-evident. What are still concepts and approaches now will be established solutions in a few years. High-tech (intelligent packaging) and ecology (sustainable packaging) need not be a contradiction in terms.

The lead article of the sustainability movement of our century“The Blue Revolution“, also served us after its publication to better understand the new symbiosis of man, technology and nature.

Our conclusion: Similar to this trend, the tendencies are fluctuating. While RFID labels failed to establish themselves, the good old QR code experienced an unprecedented comeback due to coronavirus.