Pauline and Sophia go out.

We go out. Our new series shows the team at their favorite culinary places in Frankfurt. Whether it’s a short trip from the office, or a leisurely lunch with friends: Today we present you our tips for a nice Altstadt Lunch.

With the tips from our colleagues in our pockets, we set off in the direction of the Römer. The neighborhood around the city hall has been on our touri to do list for a while and is finally visited.

Impressed by the staircase gable facades and a completely different side of Frankfurt, we headed for the MMK – the Museum of Modern Art. Through the windows of the first floor we can already guess a huge variety of bread. Café “mehlwassersalz” is known not only for the coffee, but also for the best bread in town. So let’s get on with it!

Hardly taken a seat Pauline expresses her expectations: “Hm, I hope will like German bread this time! Our mission is clear: the good old sourdough bread must convince our intern from the Côte d’Azur. Topped with avocado, an egg and lots of chives, the homemade bread shows itself from its best side. After a few minutes of sitting in front of empty plates, Pauline confirms our impression: “This was so delicious! I’m sure it’s the best broooot in Frankfurt.” The verdict of a French woman speaks for itself!

Espresso Espresso

Surprised by the beautiful corners of the city, we decide to explore the area some more. After a short walk on Braubachstraße we already come across the second tip for our Old Town lunch, the Espresso Espresso Bar.

The wine bar with small specialties offers a variety of natural wines and liqueurs in addition to a fantastic cappuccino. Already after a short conversation with the managing director, the first tasting sip is in the glass. We try a Vermut and a lemonade – “the South Baden combination” – as Sophia, our intern from Freiburg, describes it.

Strengthened, it’s back to the office for the rest of the day – see you soon, Frankfurt Old Town!