Print ready files

  • Technical quality assurance
  • Legal examination
  • Digitalproof

In the end, the best design concept is only as good as its technical production implementation allows it to be. Or, to put it another way: expertise in printing techniques, materials and finishing options can enhance the creation. We have to be familiar with and know how to comply with technical and legal requirements on a daily basis in our final artwork projects.

We’re creative thinkers, outside-the-box thinkers, and passionate about challenging conventions – but only where necessary, because when it comes to the final artwork, we play by the rules. Our processes take this “last mile” into account with the necessary appreciation, as we know how crucial the feasibility and ultimate implementation of a packaging is for the success of a product.

That is why we ensure that the files are properly prepared for printing across various media – from sales folders to chocolate boxes to OOH posters. We can have proofs created and work closely with printers to guarantee the best possible results.

But playing by the rules does not mean limitations: we integrate the implementation so it becomes a key part of the design process. The result is innovative designs in which the materials and functionality of the packaging form an enriching dialogue with the design itself. Attention-grabbing hot-foil stamping, subtle blind embossing or simply choosing the right colour in the best possible way can play a key role in influencing purchase decisions.

From our many years of experience, we know the requirements that food packaging has to meet and can therefore provide advice and in-house solutions right through to prepress, especially for smaller and medium-sized customers.