A Fully Compostable Seaweed Based Straw

Plastic and Guilt Free Straws

Blue Carbon refers to the carbon that has been absorbed in the ocean. The world’s ocean absorbs around 30% of the planet’s carbon emissions. Loliware’s straw offers consumers a plastic-like but plastic-free alternative to traditional plastic straws. The compostable innovation is made of seaweed, is compostable, and absolutely environmentally friendly. It also represents an opportunity to reduce global plastic consumption without having to give up the previous plastic experience.

Seaweed, a key component of the Blue Carbon Straw, is one of the ocean’s most important forms of blue carbon. The Blue Carbon straw symbolizes the critical role seaweed plays in tackling climate change and restoring the health of our ocean.

Loliware also offers SEA Tech™resin, for use in molding other plastic-free products.

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Product Name: Blue Carbon Straw
Manufacturer: Loliware
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Loliware
Image Source: Loliware

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