Material From Shrimp Shells

MILK MaterialLab ChitosanBioplastics PaulKheem
MILK MaterialLab ChitosanBioplastics PaulKheem

Chitosan Bioplastics

The biodegradable material Chitosan Bioplastics was developed as a research project by industrial designers Paul Kheem and Ronny Haberer during their studies at New York’s Pratt Institute. In order to reduce global marine pollution, they use the chitin found in shrimp shells to develop a plastic alternative from it. Acetylation of the biopolymer yields chitosan, which, as a bioplastic, is the starting point of the material. Mixed with water, acid as well as calium carbonate, proteins and pigments, the finished Chitosan Biopalstic can be used after a 48-hour curing period. Whether as a disposable lid or as a packaging film, the innovation offers a wide range of applications.

Product Name: Chitosan Bioplastics
Manufacturer: Chitosan Bioplastics
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Paul Kheem
Image source: Chitosan Bioplastics