Material From Shrimp Shells

MILK MaterialLab ChitosanBioplastics PaulKheem
MILK MaterialLab ChitosanBioplastics PaulKheem

Chitosan Bioplastics

The biodegradable material “Chitosan Bioplastics” was created as a research project by Paul Kheem and Ronny Haberer. In order to reduce global marine pollution, they use the chitin found in shrimp shells to develop a plastic alternative from it. Acetylation of the biopolymer yields chitosan, which, as a bioplastic, is the starting point of the material. Mixed with water, acid as well as calium carbonate, proteins and pigments, the finished “Chitosan Biopalstic” can be used after a 48-hour curing period. Whether as a disposable lid or as a packaging film, the innovation offers a wide range of applications.

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Product Name: Chitosan Bioplastics
Manufacturer: Chitosan Bioplastics
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Paul Kheem
Image source: Chitosan Bioplastics