To-go reusable lid


With udo®, your favorite cup becomes a coffee-to-go mug! The reusable plastic lid fits perfectly on common cups, closes them optimally tight, so that the duo – from which the product name is derived – of cup and lid is ideally suited for transport. The tapered shape allows for closure by means of an interference fit, while the minimalist design is simply subordinate. The product thus represents an alternative to disposable coffee cups that is suitable for everyday use and thus actively contributes to the avoidance of waste caused by single-use items. The sustainability-oriented company deliberately decided against a bioplastic for the production of the cup lid. The material is not recognized by current waste sorting facilities in Germany and cannot be recycled. The company also excluded natural rubber for ecological reasons: The rampant mining of the raw material threatens virgin forest cover and biodiversity and leads to the clearing of rainforests. In addition, there is the long transport route to Germany, which would have had a negative impact on the value chain and the ecological rucksack of the product. Therefore, udo® is made of a conventional thermoplastic elastomer that can be perfectly recycled and returned to the technical cycle. In addition, the lid, which is available in different colors, is so dishwasher safe.

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Product name: Udo®
Manufacturer: Cadios GmbH
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Udo®
Image source: Udo®