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In der wiederverwendbaren reCIRCLE BOX werden bunte Nudeln und Gemüse aufbewahrt.
Die wiederverwendbaren reCIRCLE Bosen gibt es in verschiedenen Größen.
Aus der nachhaltigen reCIRCLE BOX schmeckt das leckere Thai-Curry gleich noch besser.


To counteract the environmentally harmful disposable packaging of to-go gastronomy with a sustainable solution, the Swiss company reCIRCLE has developed a range of reusable boxes and bowls with lids. These extremely durable containers can be taken to restaurants as part of a reusable system and returned to any participating restaurant. In Germany, 330 restaurants are part of the system; in Switzerland, 1,400 restaurants are already participating. However, the offer is not only aimed at classic restaurants, but also at delivery and meal services as well as schools and companies. The reCIRCLE BOX in the trendy “Aubergine” color is significantly more ecological than disposable tableware: it pays for itself after only seven reuses.

The durable boxes are made in Switzerland from the plasticizer-free plastic polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) with the addition of 30% glass fibers. The composition of the material of the reCIRCLE BOX is quick-drying and heat-resistant, BPA-free and completely vegan. All color pigments are also food-safe. The lid is made of polypropylene (PP). Since there are no official recycling streams for either plastic yet, the company takes back boxes that are no longer usable and processes them into granules. Unfortunately, this cannot currently be used for the production of new food packaging. The company therefore defines its ecological advantage primarily through the high durability of the boxes, the design of which has been optimized for frequent rinsing and good drying in the catering industry.

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Product name: reCIRCLE
Manufacturer: reCIRCLE AG
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: reCIRCLE AG
Image source: reCIRCLE AG

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