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Healthy Hedonism

With more and more food innovations and increasing pressure for suppliers in the industry, it is becoming clear that good nutrition can be both healthy and enjoyable. The partial departure from a purely functional understanding of health is in full swing and is leading to a new pleasure in eating even in the wake of – or rather because of – the health megatrend. But this is not the result of prohibitions or renunciations, but due to the newfound and rediscovered creativity and sensuality of high-quality and unprocessed food. Street food events and weekly markets are booming, the desire to cook for oneself and eat together is increasing, not least thanks to Corona, superfoods are just as much on everyone’s lips as vegan milk, yogurt and cheese alternatives, and on social media #healthyfood is one of the most used hashtags.

Healthy Hedonism: indulge healthily

Photo: Unsplash