Permanent packaging in conjunction with re-fill offers.

What never really caught on “yesterday” could become an important pillar in the avoidance of packaging material “tomorrow”: the concept of refillable bags. This trend thrives on an e-food market that enables subscription models for reordering products.

MILK Trends - the refill pouch experiences a renaissance

When my oat drink powder arrives with the next online delivery, I won’t have to set foot out the door. The ease with which you can plan your purchases makes for relaxation. And if you do miss your order, your personal shopping assistant will remind you “the day after tomorrow”. Even if the latter can initially only forecast future purchases on the basis of order histories, the intelligent packaging in conjunction with intelligent kitchen cabinets thanks to camera support will certainly indicate when the fill level in the permanent packaging of the favorite product is at the point for a reorder – taking into account the upcoming vacation thanks to calendar synchronization, of course.

Even if people still order their milk on foot online, models like the Bluefarm oat milk that they can mix themselves save resources and could bring about a renaissance for the good old refill pouch.

Best practice: Blue Farm

Image source: Blue Farm