New bee fans

After our excursion to the apple harvest last year, we are now looking forward to the next excursion with Die Arche Frankfurt. This time, too, the kids went out into nature, on the bee nature trail in Ginnheim. A real beekeeper led us through the stations of the bee nature trail and explained life in the beehive, the anatomy of bees and why these animals are so essential for nature and people using information boards and showcases.

It got really exciting when everyone slipped into a beekeeping suit and was able to experience the beehives up close – some brave children even dared to take a honeycomb including a bees humming loudly in their hands. After a few minutes the fear of the small animals gave way to astonishment and curiosity. To top it off, there was a sweet honey tasting of various types of homemade liquid gold. The extraordinary experience resulted in very good feedback all round; On this day some new bee fans were surely won.

We also really enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to our next excursion with Die Arche!

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