Soda for a good cause.

As you know, we have been supporting the Arche in Frankfurt for several years with our Mahlzeit campaign. This time it came to a very special action initiated by Tropextrakt. The company donated 9,000 bottles of the soda, for which the kids at the Ark were allowed to develop their own product recipe. We then continued to develop the appearance together with the Ark and the kids, always letting the kids themselves decide how their brand should look. We were here as “only” executing force in a great action, which has now finally arrived in food retail.

Ark soda for a good cause
The Arche Limo prominently placed at Edeka

Since a short time the goods are actually available and we collect donations for the children’s project of the Arche in Frankfurt with it! Many thanks at this point to all cooperating trade entrepreneurs.

An action with a role model, which will hopefully find imitators in other arks nationally. An online shop is currently also being published in order to provide a permanent playground for the Arche kids for their first real e-commerce experiences after the trade campaigns. In this way, the children and young people learn how to deal with independence within the framework of the Arche. A really cool thing!