&organic by MILK.

We have been involved with the intersection of food and design for over 10 years. Currently, we feel a great need from people for more organic food brands. That’s why we want to create an organic alternative in the fine food sector with our own brand, replacing the cool, sober age of the Scandinavian look.

Organic alternative &organic

For this we start with a small assortment of selected basics. Our attitude is to do the simple things especially well. The assortment is welcome to grow, but should never produce excess. The goal is the perfect gift basket for your loved ones. No more and no less. We rely on feedback from our customers when designing our product range.

Organic alternative &organic
Bio Alter&organic in the fine food sector.
Organic alternative &organic
Our basic assortment – from savory to sweet.

Our appearance is natural, unagitated and high-quality. Our mission is to look for the good things in the simple. In doing so, we want to meet the stated goal of the new federal government and promote organic food.

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Have we aroused your interest? Then write us a short e-mail where you would like to distribute our organic alternative products. We will report back in a few days and look forward to getting to know you: hello@milk-food.de