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MILK MaterialLab Agriplast Biowert
MILK MaterialLab Agriplast Biowert

Grass Used In Making Bioplastic

AgriPlast consists of up to 75% cellulose obtained from regional meadow grass. This is embedded in a thermoplastic matrix, which can be made of recycled materials, PP, PE, PCL or biodegradable plastics. The company offers exceptional properties compared to conventional plastics.

AgriPlast has a finely grained, natural-looking surface and, like plastic, can be colored as desired. The substance is extremely resilient, versatile, easy to process and suitable for both injection molding and extrusion. By combining thermoplastics with the natural fiber cellulose, AgriPlast has extremely high dimensional stability at both high and low temperatures. Their tability increase is particularly noticeable in the use of PLA, LDPE and PP in the packaging sector. The tough natural fibers provide greatly improved abrasion resistance that reduces wear, especially in mechanical engineering and construction applications.

The material acts as a natural, environmentally friendly fire protection for injection molded parts. Despite a high fiber content, AgriPlast has very good flow properties and can be used without problems for thin-walled molded parts, such as stacking boxes or housings for technical equipment. The product is available in biodegradable and non-biodegradable variants, which are more suitable for outdoor use. No waste or waste water is generated in the production process, and the products are 100% recyclable. The decisive advantage of AgriPlast, however, is that petroleum-based plastics are replaced by the renewable raw material cellulose. For this purpose, the aforementioned meadow grass is used from farmers in the region who ferment the grass into silage. The cellulose obtained from this process is used to manufacture the innovative plastics and insulating materials. AgriPlast is lighter than comparable fiber-reinforced composite plastics leading to energy being saved during transport.

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Product name: AgriPlast
Manufacturer: Biowert
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Peters, Sascha: Materialrevolution I. Sustainable and multifunctional materials for design and architecture, Basel 2014, p. 39.
Image source: Biowert

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