A Circular Water Bottle

Solving the Single-Use Bottle Problem

The New Zealand company “For The Better Good” has rebranded and evolved their bottle, and are now known as Anew. Made in New Zealand from a renewable plant-based material, their bottle are designed to be refilled and reused. If returned to one of their collection points, the bottle and its cap will be made into another bottle, locally. Promoting a circular life-cycle in response to the single-use bottle problem.

Anew offers a packaging system to customize bottlers for other companies. Their services include consultancy, design, manufacturing, bottle collection, washing, and recycling services, all aiming to extend material circulation and promote sustainability among businesses. The company emphasizes transparent end-of-life options, guiding customers through material selection, design, and circular end-of-life collection for product packaging.

The durable, lightweight, and shatter-proof bottles are portable and dishwasher-safe, and are suitable for household recycling. Their materials are made using mainly renewable energy that comes from the plants’ by-products (waste). The return system is dependent on decentralized collection stations and have already been successfully introduced in several cities in New Zealand.

Product Name: Anew Bottle
Manufacturer: Anew
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Anew®
Image Source: Anew®