Zero-Waste Chocolate in Cocoa Shells-


Zero-waste chocolate, from production to packaging – that is the claim of the Indian company Kocoatrait. Kocoatrait packs its chocolates, which are produced in a socially as well as ecologically sustainable manner, in an outer shell made exclusively from by-products of the cotton industry and the cocoa shells produced during the manufacture of the chocolate. The fiber-based material is free of plastic and paper, so no fossil raw materials have to be used and no forests have to be managed. It is biodegradable, can be composted and recycled. The print sheets are selected in such a way that as few sections as possible are produced. On the inside Kocoatrait prints, for example, greeting card motifs that invite you to continue using the packaging. To protect the product, the panels are wrapped in unlaminated aluminum that can be easily recycled worldwide. In terms of secondary or transport packaging, the company also remains plastic-free and uses sustainable materials such as bagasse and grass paper wherever possible.

Manufacturer: Kocoatrait
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Kocoatrait
Image source: CocoatraiK