Cost Effective and Reliable Cardboard Trays


ECKO-PACK offers with its ECKO-TRAY cardboard trays with foil seal a sustainable and at the same time inexpensive solution for packaging food. ECKO-PACK is free from additives such as PE coatings, lime and adhesives. Due to the particularly low weight of the packaging, up to 90 % CO2 can be saved during transport. A protective atmosphere can be created under the easily removable film to improve the shelf life of the food. The trays can also be used for frozen, chilled and non-refrigerated foods. After the product has been removed, the cardboard tray and film can be fed into the respective recycling circuit particularly easily.

Product Name: ECKO-TRAY
Manufacturer: ECKO-PACK GmbH
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: ECKO-PACK GmbH
Image source: ECKO-PACK GmbH