Compostable cardboard applicator

Plastic free carton top
for can multipacks

Heineken introduces GreenGrip, a sustainable solution for can multipacks. The common plastic rings are replaced by a sturdy cardboard top that is easy to carry while being 100% plastic-free and recyclable and compostable. For example, the British brewery aims to save over 500 tons of plastic each year – the equivalent of 94 million plastic bags – and do its part to reduce plastic in packaging .

The goal is to apply the carton top to all of the company’s beer and cider products. The £22 million investment aims to minimize the previous plastic content of packaging to 0% in the long term.

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Product Name: Green Grip
Manufacturer: Heineken UK Limited
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Heineken UK Limited
Image source: Heineken UK Limited