Straws Like In the Old Days

MILK MaterialLab HAY Straws
MILK MaterialLab HAY Straws

HAY! Straws

The special feature of the compostable HAY! Straw wheat straws is their gluten tolerance. The bio-based grain is cut into length, rinsed several times with sterile water and thus preserved. At no time does the genetically unmodified plant come into contact with glyphosate or other chemicals. Many small Dutch farmers supply the company with the wheat, thus ensuring regional sourcing of the raw material. The packaging of the HAY! Straws is made of FSC® certified paper, which can be recycled afterwards.

Product Name: HAY! Straws
Manufacturer: HAY! Straws
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: HAY! Straws
Image source: HAY! Straws