Beechwood Organic Labels

Beechwood Compostable Non-Plastic Labels

The Packnatur® Organic Wineglass Labels are made from a durable and waterproof composite film, which is free from petrochemicals and resistant to tearing. These labels are created by combining cellulose paper with materials that are either biogenic or mineral in nature. No thermal paper is used, rather thermal transfer printing using carbon ribbon. Furthermore, all the raw materials used in their production are fully compostable. The labels have been certified as industrially compostable according to the EN 13432 standard, ensuring their environmentally friendly disposal.

Labels can be supplied blank or printed with custom designs using up to 7 different colours.

Product Name: Packnatur® Organic Wineglass Labels
Manufacturer: VPZ Verpackungszentrum GmbH, Lenzing AG
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: VPZ Verpackungszentrum GmbH
Image source: VPZ Verpackungszentrum GmbHs