Manufacturer for sustainable frozen food packaging


In the frozen segment, there are two main types of packaging: carton packaging and bag packaging. The cardboard packaging provides sturdy protection for the product and, thanks to its stackability, is ideal for storage. Individually printed, it becomes an eye-catcher in the freezer. The important thing with this packaging is the proper coating to allow for a moisture or grease barrier. Walki®Pack offers “maximum protection with minimum material use” and is therefore extremely environmentally friendly. Either virgin fibers from sustainably managed forests, recovered paper or a combination of these are used to produce the different grades of cartonboard. The products can be recycled to a large extent. Solutions are also being sought to make packaging 100% recyclable in the future.

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Product name: Walki®Pack
Manufacturer: Walki Group Oy
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Walki Group Oy
Image source: Walki Group Oy