PFAS and Plastic Free Natural Packaging From Australia

Single-Use Packaging that Harnesses Nature

COPAR provides sustainable packaging solutions, offering a range of innovative products crafted from wheat straw. Their Australian-made and sourced sustainable fibre packaging range is made out of wheat straw and is PFAS Free. Their packaging products cater to a diverse spectrum of industries including food service and hospitality, the meat and poultry sector, fresh produce markets, and healthcare.

COPAR’s packaging utilises their PFAS-free fibre trays to retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional methods. In the meat sector, they are introducing PFAS-free recyclable and compostable fibre trays to package meat products. This approach maintains the hygiene and safety standards in meat packaging while ensuring an eco-friendly end of life for the packaging, stepping away from the conventional plastic solutions. Catering to the food service and hospitality industry, the PFAS-free packaging stands resilient in Oil and Grease Resistance tests conducted at heat, proving a reliable choice for hot ready-to-eat meals.

COPAR’s packaging are robust, functional, and environmentally friendly, with sustainability at its forefront.

Product Name: Wheat Straw Packaging
Manufacturer: COPAR Pty Ltd
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: COPAR Pty Ltd
Image Source: COPAR Pty Ltd