Fiber-based materials

UPM Specialty Papers

UPM Specialty Papers is the pioneer in sustainable packaging for recyclable and renewable paper-based materials. The natural fiber-based materials offer endless possibilities for individual branding – and for keeping the environmental footprint of packaging as low as possible. UPM uses only raw materials from sustainably managed forests to produce its innovative papers for the next generation of fiber-based packaging. As a basic material, paper impresses with its excellent recyclability. Ecologically sensibly managed forests also act as CO2 sinkers, helping to remove climate gases from the atmosphere. That is why UPM plants 50 million trees every year and relies on this sustainable raw material for its products.

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Product name: UPM Specialty Papers
Manufacturer: UPM Specialty Papers
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: UPM Specialty Papers
Image source: UPM Specialty Papers

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