Gettin' fizzy wit it. We have created a miracle water.

Hard Seltzer is not yet on everyone’s lips here, but we are already bringing you the counter-draft: Soft Seltzer. We have created a miracle water. We’re looking for a drinking experience that’s reminiscent of an after-work beer – or a drink like gin and tonic. So tart, spicy, bitter, savory and yet refreshing. And all on a completely natural basis: Fizzy.

Gettin’ fizzy wit it.

A drink that is soft, goes down well, and packs a punch!

Our flavor bombs are unusual, but they appeal at first sight. Design and taste radiate maximum energy – without any alcohol intoxication. It’s never been cooler to stay sober.

As the Food Lab team tells us: “During our internal tastings, people even asked if there wasn’t alcohol in it. That was precisely one of our goals. Basically, we are playing with a multisensory/synesthetic perception. We are conditioned to associate bitter, tart aromas in cold drinks or aromas of juniper, which we mostly know from gin, with alcohol. This results in an alcoholic drinking sensation without any alcohol at all. Hard Seltzer works the other way round, the clear carbonated drink is associated with water and the alcohol content is surprising because it is hardly noticed.”

In terms of color, we have departed from clear flavored beverages and thus also visually emphasize the force of our Soft Seltzer series. Specifically, we combine the following ingredients for this:

Soft Seltzer 1 “Cucumber-Orange
Cucumber soda with a syrup of orange, lemongrass, thyme, rosemary, roasted juniper, cinchona bark and lavender flowers.

Soft Seltzer 2 “Radicchio Pear”
Radicchio soda with a syrup of pear juice, mace, anise, tonka bean, vanilla and salt.

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