Cong You Bing

They have the potential to conquer the world.

We love these simple flatbreads that the Food Lab has created for us. They have the potential to conquer the world. Or rather the freezers in supermarkets and people’s homes. Whether discovered and ordered online or bought in a bricks-and-mortar shop, these absolute all-rounders will be a simple culinary enrichment for Western kitchens.

Bing Bing – You shot me down

So we first had to kidnap the traditional Chinese flatbread (Cong You Bing) – better known as Chinese pancakes – to Frankfurt, rethink it and package it as a frozen hit. We are delighted to be able to present the brand in addition to our recipe development.

Cong You Bing?!

Our design alludes to the shape of the thin flatbreads they contain, keeping an otherwise low profile. We’ve only used what’s essential, much like the product itself. Seemingly simple but oh so good. What more could you need?

Food Lab meets Design Lab

In this project, our Food & Design Lab are working hand-in-hand to create a new brand experience in the food sector. If you want to find out more about how we work, take a look at our unique agency process.

We look forward to your interest in tastings and concept presentations from the industry or trade.

To conclude with the words of Felix from the Food Lab: “Flatbread is available almost everywhere in one form or another. This Chinese version is vegan, crispy and juicy. Cong You Bing aka Chinese Pancake is a simple snack from China that consists of flour, water, salt and scallions. It doesn’t sound like much, but it can do a lot and is an ideal basis for us to combine the taste of the wide world with local preferences.”

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