We provide new impetus for your new product development.

Our Food Lab is a place to experiment with taste and design. For us, dealing with taste images and with the design of packaging are not separate areas, they belong together and influence each other.

The interplay of look, feel, taste, smell and sound is at the heart of our considerations in order to develop synaesthetic products that appeal to all the senses. Based on our Future Food Trend Radar, we pick up current topics from the food sector and then deal with them in a playful and experimental way.

  • We have the fresh perspective from the outside and give valuable impulses for your R&D.
  • Our Food Lab team systematically researches trends in the food sector, always thinks of recipe development as a product (optionally also including packaging & branding)
  • We have our nose in the wind, try out and test recipes and combinations, think of products in a completely new way or sometimes just from a different angle.