Tradition newly interpreted.

We turned vegetables into “meat”. This new tradition comes from the “Meisterhaus”. A brand that is reminiscent of the good old days and yet is breaking new ground. You have already read about it in our magazine. Click here for the article.


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Design vision

Here we present the vegetable charcuterie in its visual appearance. The young brand is completely in the artisanal butcher tradition. For the production we use the knowledge of old master butchers, only the ingredients are completely different.

A whole new element comes into play with the koji mushroom, which enriches the manufacturing process. The texture of the fermented products is fantastic and the taste has the potential to start a new tradition.

Dieses Produktentwicklungsprojekt läuft kontinuierlich und wir freuen uns über Interesse aus der Wirtschaft, um den Genuss der Zukunft weiter zu formen.

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