Ocean Veggies

Vegetables - refined pickling. Ocean Veggies watch out!

What does canned fish taste like again? No matter. We have the vegetarian alternative from the field. Vegetables – so cleverly marinated that foodies from both camps will go wild with excitement. Attention ocean veggies !

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As with meat, a more sustainable treatment of animals and a critical observation of consumption quantities is also necessary for fish in order to maintain or restore an ecological balance, as some fish stocks in the world’s oceans are threatened by overfishing.

In our magazine article, we presented the product development for“Canned vegetable fish“. These texturally exciting flavor bombs are a stunner.

Ocean Veggies

We deliberately opted for the good old tin can. If you want to give the material“metal” a fair chance, you can also take a look at our material wiki here. We combine perfect protective properties for the product in an iconic form with the established, functioning recycling stream for metal in Germany.

Ocean Veggies

Its magnetism is one of its great benefits. All shapes and sizes can be easily and inexpensively sorted out of any stock stream by strong overband magnets. And with sheet steel, a real cycle is possible, because packaging made of metal becomes packaging made of metal again.

Ocean Veggies

Manufacturers and retailers take note: We would be happy to organise on-site sampling for Ocean Veggies.

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