Jules Mumm

Contemporary, sparkling packaging design.

Cool labels in an eye-catching look that conveys a party mood and all without self-adhesive plastic labels, is that possible? Absolutely! Proof of this is our new design for Jules Mumm sparkling wine. The colorful variety of tastes now in a new look and on paper. Check it out!

Jules Mumm stands for party time, good mood and sparkling moments. But of course, sustainable management and the responsible use of available resources are also an important part of the corporate philosophy. That’s why the decision to switch the labels of Jules Mumm’s four exciting sparkling wine varieties from plastic self-adhesive to paper wet-glue labels is hardly surprising.

Before with plastic label – NEW with paper label

Contemporary sparkling packaging design for Jules Mumm.

Jules Mumm sparkling wine - Partytime
Jules Mumm sparkling wine

With special finishes, we have given the new labels a special “touch”. The interplay of gold foil, gloss varnish and blind embossing brings the colorful sparkling wine bubbles and logo on the labels to life. The labels thus convey pure party feeling and a sparkling-fresh lightness even without the transparent plastic edge of the self-adhesive labels.

Party, paper and more.

What could be better than a glass of champagne? Bottle. And in the outer box with fresh new design there are six of them. Whether Dry, Medium Dry, Rosé Dry or Fruity & Sweet, you’ll leave a lasting impression at any party with Jules Mumm’s exciting new design varieties. Paper on, It’s Partytime.

Jules Mumm sparkling wine - Range

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