Baked goods

A fresh look for fresh baked goods: Design revolution for the new age of baked goods.

Our pioneering design relaunch of the freshness stamp is making its mark on Backwerk.

Baked goods

Perfection in self-service and continual freshness – these are the secrets behind Backwerk’s success. This is where you get a quick snack that is delicious, good value and always freshly baked.

In order to make sure that it is not just the goods that are fresh and timeless, but the packaging too, we have developed new, colourful, communicative packaging and label concepts for Backwerk.

Honest, direct and informative. Clear product labelling doesn’t have to be boring. With their colourful, organic colours and shapes, the stickers don’t just communicate the contents of the packaging, they also add an optimistic, simple and fresh look to the brand in pedestrianised zones, airport terminals and train stations.

However, the new design not only makes a clear statement about the brand and a commitment to freshness and quality. The new labels are also impressive when it comes to product selection and display deciphering. Thanks to the intuitive, loud and clear design, customers can make a decision quickly and find their favorite snack safely and without detours.

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