Lion Wild

This bar discovers its wild side and goes bare. New taste, cleverly packaged: Sweet & Salty!

Some like it rough! The new bar from Lion does what it says on the tin. A bold flavour and a bold design. A wild trip from the box to the pop-up display – born to be wild.

The chocolate & snack shelf is a highly competitive area. It’s good to be able to come up with the king of bars here. The Lion bar from Nestlé is a popular classic, but Lion is also a brand with great innovative power. The recipe for success: delicate caramel, crispy wafers and fine milk chocolate is regularly supplemented by special limited editions. New flavors, textures and designs meet the tastes of an increasingly experimental target group.

A rough shell and a crunchy core. The design underlines the spirit of the product. It reflects the way life goes: sometimes sweet, sometimes salty and always with something new to discover.

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