Join the circle!

Join the circle! There is so much talk about the vision of a circular economy – but we should not forget the doing. We are proud to have been involved in this trend-setting reusable design project by circolution x Hoppenworth & Ploch with the support of renowned partners.

Reusable metal cup design project
Reusable – open to all… join the circle!

We are very happy to present you our Circolution reusable project today. The cool design, which we were allowed to realize for BE.AN, you can discover in the future in other forms in the supermarket. The young company Circolution plays a decisive role in this. This manufactures smart reusable stainless steel packaging, which is suitable for almost all product categories.

Reusable Packaging Design

Packaging as a Service is the right keyword here. The reusable system works just as easily as others: take it home, enjoy it, and then return it to the deposit machine at the supermarket.

Reusable design project on supermarket shelves
Reusable design project

80 life cycles are the target.

After that, the reverse logistics of Circolution starts, in which the cups, after a detailed inspection and cleaning, are returned to the cycle. The reusable container already offers added value after around 5 fillings compared to disposable glass packaging, which is only filled once. With an average of 80 life cycles for the cup, this could save around 36 kg of glass.

Reusable design project
Reusable design project

The intelligent stainless steel packaging, which Circolution affectionately calls “Anita”, offers maximum flexibility for the brand to showcase its respective image through various label solutions.

Experience Anita in AR!

Reusable design project as an AR model

We are thrilled and very much looking forward to seeing this exciting solution in action. So that you can already get an idea, we have provided the packaging as an augmented reality 3D object for you. Just take your smartphone and scan the QR code. After that, you switch from 3D mode to AR mode and can feel “Anita” in the room with you.

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