The marzipan made from lupins.

Marzipan made from local lupins for sustainable enjoyment. May we introduce: Lupipan.

Lupipan from lupins

Substitute products are not only available for meat. Whether it’s muck instead of coffee or margarine instead of butter. In the GDR, for example, Legupan was invented to replace marzipan. For this purpose, expensive almonds, which had to be imported, were replaced by domestic legumes such as peas. The substitute product was convincing in terms of taste, appearance and texture.

Even though we are able to import products across the world and it seems as though everything can be made available to us, it is not sustainable for us to continue to import ingredients from far-flung countries. Virtually all of the ingredients that go into our Lupipan are sourced locally.

Lupipan from lupins

Interested in sampling this product? We would relish the opportunity to introduce this delicious and sustainable innovation to you in greater detail.

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