Fruit diversity in your salad!

Our Citrelle brings a new freshness to your salad. As dressings, the products can find applications in many dishes. They always give that decisive kick that is often missing, especially in salads. Designing the brand was great fun for us!


MILK. Innovation Lab


Insight, product idea, recipe development, design vision

Other services

Packaging design, assortment adaptation

The starting point for this brand development was once again our Food Lab. The team presented the concept to us and convinced us with the first kitchen prototypes. The result you can see now published here. We bring fruit to the dressing game. And the whole thing happens as you are used to from us: Contemporary in design and served appetizingly.

We would like to implement this concept and are looking for potential co-founders with a passion for the category and previous experience in the food sector. In addition, this brand could be interesting for established players who want to expand their portfolio. Contact us if you see the potential.

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