Research & Innovation Lab

Our Top Tool brings agile product development into the old economy. We have been working with food markets and on the cutting edge of design for many years now. Dynamic markets and short product lifecycles are forcing our customers to develop products faster and sooner.

Our Research & Innovation Lab combines our design sprint, rapid prototyping and street research, which we conduct via our food truck. We are taking food market research back to the streets! Over a period of three days, we head to central locations to obtain qualitative results with sample sizes of between 150 and 300 interviews, depending on the complexity of the survey. We are able to collate valuable insights without the atmosphere of a market research institute. Food needs to be experienced and analysed with all the senses – online surveys are of little use here.

These early tests facilitate agile design development in targeted steps. This user-orientated approach is intended to improve the quality of the project, saves our customers time and cuts costs in a highly competitive and dynamic environment.

Some of our case studies are confidential and can only be published once the respective product has been launched and we have received approval from the client. We have some really exciting projects in different sectors of the food market in the pipeline.

Case study: Unilever

The video documents our mobile survey for Unilever (NL/UK). We used our agile approach to test recipes and present packaging designs. This process took three days and involved a total of 265 interviews, which were then analysed.

Agile brand strategy

Our service is intended for all those who are looking for an agile brand strategy. The shortening of product lifecycles is forcing us to make product development even more dynamic in the complex world in which we live. Our Innovation Lab is a shared platform for the creatives in our company and agency. It provides a freedom to look at new methods and to think up new ideas. We are in direct dialogue with our target audience here, which helps to show us what the open-minded consumers of today expect.

The target audience for our Innovation Lab includes manufacturers and all kinds of marketers. We want to become the dynamic precursor to empirical market research in an institute. We give SMEs and start-ups access to quick and easy market research. We want to work together to provide genuine dialogue marketing that involves conversations with real people. We listen, learn and then act based on our learnings from the experience. Packaging design tests conducted via simple surveys take just a few days and can be implemented based on concept designs, sketches, layouts or prototypes. 

This action on the street can also be upgraded to include a so-called Design Lab. Our award-winning Top Tool combines our core expertise in the field of product and packaging design with rapid street surveys to create a Research & Innovation Lab. This turns agile product development into a reality and brings design thinking to life. And, it is also worth mentioning the amazing social media content that you can acquire from a campaign with our food truck. Let’s have fun together and give great products the stage they deserve.

Case study: Importhaus Wilms (Sipahh)

This video documents our design sprint, packaging prototyping and agile survey methodology for our client Importhaus Wilms. Thanks to the clear brief and existing brand guidelines, the agile process took just a few days. The international team from Singapore (Unistraw/Sipahh) and Walluf (Wilms) was welcomed by us at Tatcraft for the packaging design sprint. The results were then improved in two iterative loops using our research process.

Case study: Fritz Kulturgüter (Anjola)

New Anjola recipes with a reduced sugar content were tested at different locations for Fritz Kulturgüter.

Case study: Share

The Share case study shows the bar before market launch in the final pre-testing for the final range optimisation. We met in Berlin Kreuzberg and supported the start-up with their launch preparations.

Case study: Transgourmet

We were given the opportunity to fully rethink the product range around the “burger”. The result was 9 burger creations from Transgourmet – packaged in our design and tested on the street.

Bite Club Berlin

How often do you get the chance to let Marco Müller (Rutz) into your own food truck? We travelled to Berlin for the Bite Club.

Case study: La Cevi

Frankfurt-based restaurant “La Cevi” needed a prototype for its award-winning ceviche in packaging suitable for food retail. Consider it done.

Case study: Goldberger

A start-up selling chocolate with medicinal mushrooms. Sounds like a challenge. We took it on, staying true to our tried-and-tested methods.

Case study: Blue Whale

For the French apple giant “Blue Whale”, we used our methodology to obtain knowledge about the flavour, texture and appearance of a new apple variety. How was the new product received in the neighbouring country of Germany?


As an agency, we supply food manufacturers and retail companies with designs for products right up to the POS. Our customers include some of the biggest brands and small manufacturers, as well as food start-ups. We create designs for our customers out of a love for food. A wonderful market. And we love what we do. In 2017, we expanded our services to include a mobile testing laboratory for food. The food truck was launched with the aim of providing a stage for the culinary concepts of tomorrow and as a playground for product developers.