Curated Food

As the abundance and variety of food products in our supermarkets and online stores increases, so does a basic human need: orientation. And the more we are overwhelmed by choice (cf. Paradox of Choice), the more we long for providers and offers that make our consumption decisions easier. The answer lies in the curated food trend: Here we experience a reduction in complexity through pre-selection and “curation” to our individual needs, which is good for us as consumers and allows us to focus on the actual consumption. Whether supermarkets that sort foods according to their origin, certifications, or dietary styles; food boxes that directly contain all the food necessary and measured for a particular recipe; or specialty stores that have reduced their assortment in advance – with ever shorter development cycles of food innovations, it will become all the more important in the future to break down the offer for people and preselect it according to individual needs (especially cheap, sustainable, healthy, etc.).

Curated Food: Pre-selection instead of overflow


Photo: Unsplash