DIY Food

For a long time, do-it-yourself was seen as a niche counter-trend or reaction to the increasing “convenience” of food and the associated loss of confidence (because the feeling arose that one no longer knew what was actually in the food that one only had to put in the microwave for 2 minutes). Now the Corona crisis has led to even the most reluctant cooks making a virtue out of necessity and suddenly feeling the urge to take to the stove. Homemade breads, fermented foods, homemade jams and preserves are among the most popular DIY foods. Planting kitchen herbs, salads and microgreens will also remain a trendy topic. That DIY food and convenience food are not mutually exclusive is shown by offers such as DIY food kits, which can be ordered online and with which cocktails, chocolate, bread or sushi can be easily made from conveniently delivered ingredients.

DIY Food: Do-it-yourself changes production and consumption


Photo: Unsplash