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California-based startup Apeel Sciences developed an edible protective spray for fruits and vegetables derived from food scraps. This tasteless and low-calorie variant, due to its waterproof molecular structure, primarily serves to preserve the food, thus allowing protection from moisture and gases that continue the ripening process.

MILK Trends protective spray from Apeel Sciences

The protective spray consists primarily of glycerol phosphatides (vegetable lipids), which are odorless, tasteless and also insoluble in water. The gylycerol phosphatide used (from the stems and peels of food scraps) effectively helps to increase the quality of the sprayed food. Consumers can now expect sophisticated goods at the same price thanks to this innovation. Since reduced cooling is required during the transport of goods thanks to the protective spray, a reduction in the carbon footprint can also be achieved.

Best Practice: APEEL

Image source: Apeel