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Ento Food

Almost one-third of the world’s people eat insects. In Western culture, the sight still leads to emotional reactions that can only be located somewhere between disgust and restrained curiosity. But due to the megatrends of sustainability and health, we are now finding more and more entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and consumers in this country opening themselves up to locusts, crickets and worms. After the first startups had a more difficult time due to old EU laws and food regulations, a liberalization of the markets and possible introductions of mealworms, migratory locusts & Co. finally lead to the breakthrough of “Ento Food” on the European food market. Incidentally, this will also address one of the greatest social challenges in terms of nutrition: Insects feed on food waste and convert it into proteins and fats. From this perspective, “entopreneurs” can combat waste and enable a more sustainable protein-rich diet.

Ento Food: Insects as food


Photo: Unsplash