Food Today


The megatrends of individualization, connectivity and, above all, mobility and new work have led to a global society that is not only increasingly on the move virtually, but also quite physically – with elementary effects on our food culture. More mobile lifestyles require more mobile dining solutions, which is why the out-of-home market was booming before the Corona crisis. Whether it’s restaurants, quick-service retail, casual dining or workspace catering – we are increasingly eating on the go. And the snacking industry is becoming a trend epicenter due to modern lifestyles. Whether it’s a salad in a jar from the food vending machine, fruit and nut mixes from the employee snack bar or the bento box from around the corner – it’s increasingly about the best possible combination of nutrition, optimization and enjoyment.


The megatrends of health and sustainability can also be observed in snacking, which are shifting the classic reasons for snacks – enjoyment, celebration or exception – to much more functional factors such as hunger, energy or nutrients. 33 percent of Europeans use snacks to control calories as part of weight management; 22 percent want to meet their energy needs during the day. Consumers:inside who use snacks as part of their daily diet prefer foods and beverages made with whole grains, fiber, protein and healthy fats – especially those low in sugar.


Photo: Baking Business, Unsplash