Brand strategy & design vision

  • Brand Architecture & Portfolio Strategy
  • Brand positioning & workshops
  • Product Design Vision

The interplay of optics, haptics, taste, smell and acoustics is at the center of our considerations in order to develop synesthetic products that appeal to all senses. Together with our clients, we are able to turn design visions into branding that leads the way for years to come and that makes our customers more successful over the long term as a result.

For our client Backwerk, we didn’t just develop a perfectly scalable packaging design concept for different packaging formats, we also provided a strategic and sophisticated design vision, which helped one of the leading self-service bakeries in Germany achieve a consistently high-value brand image.

As experts in packaging design, we know that each and every package requires unlimited attention to detail. Each packaging is a contact with the consumer, where the brand has to present itself authentically and each of these interactions is a chance to shape the brand image, to develop it further and thus to (re)define the positioning of the brand on the market.

So it is essential to develop a strategy that makes it possible to shape these interactions over a long period, so they clearly show what the brand stands for. Regardless of whether it is a start-up’s first product or the latest SKU from a huge product range: we always keep an eye on the brand’s design vision, or develop an entirely new one.

We create coherent design visions with the necessary vision, develop visual brand architectures & frameworks, through which new consumer groups are addressed, long-term customers are tied to a brand and its products, and a consistent brand image is created in the long term.